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Find the Right Course for You.

We have a range of online and face to face courses which provide training opportunities in SEND, education and for support with parenting.


Our courses are suitable for anyone within the education sector, volunteers and people who work with children and young people with SEND.

As well as the courses listed below, we provide bespoke training upon request, to meet you individual needs.

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Training: Courses & Workshops

Childhood Trauma

The impact of childhood trauma on the everyday functions of a child or young person.

Do you work with children who have experienced trauma? This course will explore different traumas and how they can present physically and biologically in children and young people. It will give you practical tools to addressing these concerns. 

SEND & Mainstream Systems

Understanding Special Education Needs and Mainstream Education Systems

Do you have a child or work with children with SEN, who attend mainstream school? This course gives you the basic understanding and terminology around SEND according to the Code of Practice, 2014. It examines the key processes used by SEND staff in mainstream school, including reasons for an Education, Health, Care Plan (EHCP). 

Parenting Workshops

Practical tips for parenting and caring for children with SEND and challenging behaviour.

Increase your confidence in parenting and caring for children with SEND. These workshops give you practical tools you can use in the home and ways you can support your child with their schooling. Gain the confidence to ask the right questions to ensure your child's needs are being met. 


"The training was perfect, very informative and well detailed and easy to understand."


The course was very interactive and engaging, I have a better understanding of the EHCP process.


"The course was well delivered with so much information."
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