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Inspire 321 Parenting Workshops

We're here to support you. 

Our FREE parenting workshops are expertly designed by our team, to offer you practical skill, tips and tools you can utilise when parenting your children.
We are offering a variety of 1 hour live virtual workshops throughout 2022, so what are you waiting for, enquire about our courses today.  

Communicate Effectively with My Child 
Effective communication is paramount in any relationship, but how do you conquer this as a parent, modelling what you expect to see in return? Join us as we look at key communication skills and how we can apply these to our parenting. Date: Saturday 2nd April 2022


Consequences and Follow Through 
Have you tried to implement consequences but feel like they are not working? Are you lacking confidence when it comes to giving your child a consequence? Join us as we explore different types of consequences, the importance of following through with them and how to remain consistent. Date: Saturday 30th April 2022


My Child has SEN, Now What? 
Has your child recently been diagnosed with a SEN or has their school placed them on the SEND register? At times, this can be extremely overwhelming for both parents and children, especially when you don't know where to turn or what support is available. Join us as we give you some practical tips and advice to ensure your child's needs are being met. Date: TBC

Routine & Structure at Home
Having a clear routine and structure within the home will help give your child a sense of security and predictability, helping them know what is expected of them. Join us as we explore how routine and structure can improve a child's mental health and behaviour. We will also show you different ways to implement a routine for your child. Date: TBC

Positive Praise & Reinforcement
Positive praise can be the key to unlock positive behaviour; however, praise can become generic and non specific. Join us as we examine our methods of praise and ensure our language is specific to help our children understand exactly what they have done well.  Date: TBC

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'There is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real one.'

Sue Atkins

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