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We must understand behaviour as COMMUNICATION.

Your Child

How We Can Help...

Our One to One programme provides private social, emotional and mental health intervention and coaching to  8-16 year olds. Counselling is not always the right therapeutic process for some individuals, so we created Inspire Me; a personalised programme tailored to each individual child and circumstance.


Inspire Me offers a minimum of six sessions that:

1.    Builds the individual's confidence in recognising and understanding  their challenges.

2.    Explores what they experience in their difficult moments and in the lead up to them.

3.    Provides strategies that can be used to help put the young person in control of their challenges.

In addition to this, we offer a safe space for the young person to talk and work though challenging moments, identifying where they could make changes next time.

We believe every individual thrives by taking small steps towards achievable goals.

An essential part of our processes is our need to partner with parents/carers (and educational professionals if required) to ensure the strategies we develop, with your child, are carried through in your home, and you have all the support you need.

We provide a listening ear, advice, guidance, expertise and most importantly, clear steps to help you build  relationships with your child, during this therapeutic process.

We believe a partnered and consistent approach, alongside a positive child-parent relationship, will help towards the success of any child or young person with social, emotional and/or mental health challenges.

Portrait of a Child


For more information about our Inspire Me programme, or to book your child's first session with us, click the link below.

Our Process

Beautiful Young Girl


Initial assessment to get to know your child and their individual challenges and needs.

At this point, we will identify whether our approach is the best therapeutic process for your child. 


We plan your child's 6 weeks with us. This is based on our initial discussion and their individual challenges.

We take into account what they hope to achieve by the end of their time with us. 


We begin our therapeutic process, carefully reviewing each session and making changes where we feel these are required. 

5x 50 mins with child/young person

2x 30 mins with parent/carer


Together, we evaluate our process with you and your child, identifying next steps.

We produce a report detailing our journey, along with recommendations to help you and your child move forward with confidence. 

Young Person, Aged 16

"Through my sessions with Reah, I have grown as a person. My goal was to grow in confidence and I believe I have achieved this. I can now go into difficult challenges without being afraid. I am using the strategies Reah has taught me and my new mantra is- I can do what I fear most."

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We are committed to helping you and your child's social, emotional, mental health difficulties. 

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