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Working together to Equip, Empower and Encourage others.

Reah Coo

Director & Founder

Specialist in Social, Emotional, Mental Health and Challenging Behaviour 

Over the last 13 years, Reah Coo has a successful teaching and leadership career as an expert in special educational needs (SEN).


She has worked in a variety of provisions across the UK, including further education college, mainstream secondary and specialist school for children and young people with social, emotional, mental health (SEMH) challenges.

Reah is passionate about improving the outcomes of vulnerable children and young people and has spent her career working with the most challenging pupils, supporting them in their journey towards achieving their full potential, despite their starting point. 

As a SENCO and a school leader, Reah has been integral in the development, improvement and success of the SEN departments she has managed. She has created and implemented strategies and interventions on both an individual and whole school basis. She believes inclusion is the heartbeat of our practice and should never be an add-on to the provision we offer. 

"It's time to be Inspired."


Amanda Lawrence

Specialist in Children with Disability 

Amanda is a social worker with specialist knowledge in working with children with a disability.

Even before graduating at Manchester University in 2009, she worked with children and young people with additional and complex needs for a Local Authority, and this remained her main interest for many years to come.

Alongside her professional experience of children and young people with additional and complex needs, she also has personal and practical experience of disability as a mother of two young boys who

have autism and a sensory processing disorder. Amanda feels that this gives her a key insight into some of the practical experiences of living with and managing disability.

Amanda works with a person-centred approach on a holistic level, and multi-disciplinary working is an important aspect of her work. She works directly with parents and carers of children and young people with disabilities.Her empathetic, professional and solution focused approach makes her a real asset to the Inspire 321 team.

Sally Rankin

Sally R.jpg

Specialist in Special Education Needs
Sally has over 20 years' experience working with SEN students in a variety of educational settings, from Inclusion Manager to Assistant SENCo.

Sally has worked with children and young people with additional and complex needs, designing and implementing interventions to ensure the statutory requirements of her students, including those with EHCPs, are met. She works closely with staff and middle leaders to identify areas for improvement, then actively supports staff so they can best serve the needs of the SEN pupils they work with.


Sally not only leads the improvement of a child's learning experience but she is integral in meeting the wellbeing needs of those children and young people she works with. Alongside this, Sally's active role with parents and carers has not only been transformative in the development of SEND departments but ensures each child receives the best provision and care possible.  She wants every child to achieve their full potential and she is passionate and driven to make this happen.

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