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Celebrating Success at Inspire 321. 

"Inspire 321 are widely recognised for the expertise they have in dealing with children and young people’s mental health. Even with well-developed pastoral care systems implemented within the educational system, there is often a need for additional support to meet the emotional and mental health needs of young people today. We believe that Inspire 321 delivers this exceptionally well for our younger clients, who may not necessarily need the full therapeutic approach that counselling offers. May our fabulous working partnership continue to thrive."


Mrs. June Sterling, Director Begat (Training & Counselling) Limited

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Case Study- UK Fostering

"Reah was commissioned by UK Fostering to give her expert advice on a matter professionals were struggling with. A child in foster care had suffered trauma from abuse within her family and the school was on the verge of excluding her. The child was not settling in classes and her behaviour was physically aggressive. She was described as being very different during lock-down, when the class rooms were much smaller.  The school was unclear on alternatives to exclusion and their SENCO struggled to complete the application for an EHCP assessment. Reah instantly recognised the child needed to be in a smaller group environment and suggested a specialist PRU as an alternative provision to provide the child stability and support.  


Reah has made an incredible impact on the life of this child who is now settled in the new provision and in her home life with her foster carers. We are delighted with Reah's professionalism and performance. We will continue to work with her in the future. She is a true champion for education."


Udy Aymer, Regional Head, UK Fostering Ltd


"Reah worked at Royton and Crompton Academy from September 2018- December 2019.  Initially employed as the Academy SENCO she very quickly took on the additional responsibility as Acting Head of English and also SENCO whilst joining the senior leadership team too to play a key role in the strategic direction of the Academy at a critical time. 

Reah is hard working, motivated and a motivator of others.  She really does excel in all that she does whilst providing the necessary expertise in training and support where required. She is a reflective practitioner and ensures that through research and continued professional development she achieves the best that she can in all that she does." 

Mrs. A Atkinson, Principal, E-ACT Royton & Crompton Academy

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