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SEND & Education Systems

The special education needs systems in mainstream school and how to better understand them.

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From £90 per person

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Face to face


3 hours/ 0.5 day

Do you have or work with a child with SEN but don't understand the systems used in mainstream school and how to ensure their needs are being met?

Come and explore the inner workings of the mainstream school education system for pupils with SEN. We will look at the role of school staff against the SEN Code of Practice, 2014 and give you the knowledge and understanding of these systems to ensure your child's needs are being met.  

What will I Learn?

  • Identifying the four categories of SEN

  • Examining the role of the SENDCo according to the CoP

  • Explore the necessities of a graduated response to SEN

  • Understand the process from SEN register to EHCP

Benefits of Training with Us
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We offer live virtual sessions on Zoom or face to face so you can learn in a style and place that suits you.

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You receive a personalised certificate of achievement on completion of the course.

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On completion, you will have access to a range of downloadable information and resources. 

'Education is a powerful weapon which can be used to change the world.'

Nelson Mandela

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